Flourish in the flow of motherhood
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Kira is a maternal wellness coach who believes all mothers can come to recognize their innate wisdom and thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually – and in the process create thriving families.

Born into a lineage of warrior women and healers, Kira began reading countless books on holistic health & spirituality way before it was cool and long before her life experience actually required them.

She is a now a recovering over-doer and former people-pleaser who values the art of be-ing and the power of authenticity in order to create a life of purpose and passion, joy and abundance.

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Hi I’m Kira!

As a national-record setting athlete in my youth, I’ve come to know a thing or two about goal-setting, hard work, and sacrifice. When a shoulder injury took me away from my Olympic pole vaulting dreams, I also learned a thing or two about sadness and disillusionment. I jumped into building my career in hopes of finding a new purpose in life. I took up marathoning to appease my need to push my physical limits. But after nearly a decade in my career, and new injuries that took away my ability to run, I was still lost. When it was time to start a family, I thought I would finally find my sense of self again through motherhood. I had always wanted to be a mother, and I figured I’d be good it.

But after the birth of my first child, I was surprised and ashamed that I did not enjoy motherhood. None of it came naturally despite what I’d been told. I made sacrifice after sacrifice. That strategy worked for me in the past, but it certainly left me feeling empty now. I dove into every positive parenting book that popped up on Amazon Prime.

I felt so confused about what kind of parent I was, what kind of parent I should be, and how to raise my child.

A sensitive baby, lack of sleep, little support, and trying to do-it-all led me to extreme overwhelm, exhaustion and anxiety. I just wanted to check something off that to-do list and feel productive again, let alone feel like a good mother. Then, I finally got a break once I could drop my first born off at preschool. I got to work alone, go to a few yoga classes each week, and think in peace. I finally found the reprieve I’d needed for years.

With my second child I was determined to do things differently. I was dedicated to finding a way to thrive and fiercely protected my self-care. I told my husband I needed some time apart from our girls, and really thought I’d cracked the code. I had time for hot yoga, meditation, the sauna… This.was.it!

Believe it or not (I know you will) I still burned out within 3 months postpartum. Finding time “for me” made me exhausted, hurried and dissatisfied despite my best efforts. I was back at square one.

One glorious day, I got into an irrational yelling match with my spirited three year old and locked myself in the master bathroom with my infant.  Seated on the cold marble floor and roaring like a lioness, I was undeniably not myself .

I didn’t recognize who I’d become.

It was in this moment I decided to be brave.

I threw away my parenting books, I unsubscribed from positive parenting podcasts and did the only thing I hadn’t tried yet... I asked for help.

I sought support and built a team of spiritual teachers, holistic health professionals, energy medicine practitioners, and even tapped into my own inner guidance to take back motherhood, my way.  

As my healing journey gained momentum, I confirmed these two things:

there is not enough support for mothers and
there is way too much noise out there telling mothers how to mother.

So I set out to truly embody my belief that our children chose us to be their parents, and that we are the perfect mothers for our children. In an act of rebellion, I set out to radically shift my mindset that I was enough, and I learned an entirely new definition of self-care.

Thus far, my motherhood journey has led me to dive deeply into my soul and reignite my intuition. I’ve surrendered into support, moved through fears and anxieties. I now show up passionately for this life, because we only do live once (in this lifetime).

Now I’m dedicated to helping other mamas like me avoid burn-out and get more out of motherhood.

Contact me today to learn how I can support you.