Meet Kira


Kira is a modern spiritual mama who believes all mothers can come to recognize their innate wisdom and thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually – and in the process create thriving families.

Born into a lineage of warrior women and healers, Kira began reading countless books on holistic health & spirituality way before it was cool and long before her life experience actually required them.

She is a now a recovering over-doer and former people-pleaser who values the art of be-ing and the power of authenticity in order to create a life of purpose and passion, joy and abundance.
She empowers new mothers to find their own unique flow in motherhood and flourish.

After nearly two decades of hustling her way to the top of almost anything she attempted, Kira hit, and then experienced rock bottom in early motherhood. Fertility issues and a traumatic birth with her first child set Kira up for anxious motherhood. With her second child, she was determined to feel more in control and put self-care on the top of her list. Despite a dreamy birth with her second daughter and regular yoga and meditation, she found herself completely burnt out and at high risk for Postpartum Depression within 3 months. She couldn’t recognize herself and was determined to feel good again, but was surprised how little support existed for the postpartum mom (...and on top of that, how hard it was to ask for and receive support!). She has since led herself through a holistic healing journey from complete exhaustion and constant anxiety to creating a fulfilling life with more energy and peace in motherhood.

After a 15 year hiatus from her sport of track and field, Kira recently competed in the USA Track and Field Inaugural Women’s Decathlon National Championships, finishing 7th as the oldest competitor and only mother in this historic event. Kira is a former All-American athlete, coach, Tantra Flow Yoga instructor, women’s circle leader, winemaker, coffee grower, and forever student of life.

She is a champion for other mothers to make their dreams a reality, become role models for their children, and create meaningful lives they love.

Kira lives on the Central Coast of California with her husband and two young daughters.  Her favorite thing to do outside the track is hang at the beach all day with her family in their blue 1988 VW Westfalia “Dory.”

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