MamaManifest believes that all mothers are powerful creators, tuned into ourselves, our children and the energy that connects all beings. We seek to empower mothers to trust their innate wisdom and know their true essence as divine mothers, both wise and wild. We are conscious parents who want our children to retain their sovereignty, all while reclaiming ours. We know we are raising a generation of healers, and we must heal ourselves and our ancestral wounds for our children. We connect mind-body-spirit to create a life that inspires and excites us, because we want to live by example. We are whole. We remember our inner child, and seek to embody her playfulness and wonder at life. We don’t want to wait until our children start grade school, or go to college to be ourselves again. We want more out of motherhood and we know we are worthy of it.  

We understand that by chasing our dreams, leading with compassion, and parting with patriarchal conditioning we are refueled and ignited for our many roles as nurturers, creators, goddesses and warrior women. We know we must parent from being in alignment with our Truth and rise up into our fullness as is our birthright. We are grounded in the earth yet guided by the stars. We are vibrant yet peaceful, resilient yet unapologetic, seeking joy and freedom as the foundation by which we live. We believe we really can do it all when we set the intentions, albeit over many moons and ever-changing seasons.