Hey there, mama - Are you running on empty?

I see you. I see you working so hard to be a “good mother,”tirelessly performing mundane tasks for your family, trying to keep up with your paid (or unpaid) work, and making attempts at so-called self-care.

I see you sweating away at the gym trying to be healthy. I see you making healthy choices at lunch.

I see you scheduling your family’s life what seems like minute to minute from the car, the waiting room, the sidelines.

I see you kissing boo boos, cuddling upsets, and helping your children feel validated and important.

I see you rushing through your days, getting through your lists, but perhaps missing the joy of it all.

I see you constantly making sure your kids have all of their needs met (and wants, too). Whether it’s the right school or childcare, enrichment activity, doctor visit, clothes, discipline, diet, therapy..you name it. You take care of it.

I see you at the grocery store, trying so consciously to keep your kids contained as you get several comments from on lookers saying “You certainly have your hands full.”

Yes, we love giving to our families, and we would do anything for our children.

But, we really cannot give lovingly from an empty vessel.

Do you want to….

Wake up each morning feeling refreshed and resourced, even excited, without needing a gallon of coffee riding shotgun all day

Think more clearly and make decisions more quickly because you can actually focus on what’s in front of you.

Nourish yourself - exercising regularly, eating mindfully, spending time with friends, and prioritizing your own needs?


You don’t have to live your life exhausted and depleted.

It’s time you put your own wellbeing on top of your to do list and got more out of motherhood.

Join me for the More Energy Mama Online Group Coaching Program and rebuild your energy resources with practical and easy-to-implement methods.

Are you ready to be a More Energy Mama?

Through this program, you’ll learn simple yet effective methods to:

-Decrease stress and anxiety naturally
-Balance hormonal shifts
-Replenish your body of vital nutrients from pregnancy and postpartum
-Get rest and sleep better
-Sustain your energy throughout the day
-Exercise and move your body for long-term vitality
-Increase your clarity, confidence and sense of purpose
-Express your needs and actually get them met
-Create your own village of support

When you commit to working with me as a More Energy Mama, you’ll get:

  • The More Energy Mama Energy Leak Assessment

  • 5 one hour live group coaching calls you can access from anywhere worldwide

  • Replay videos so you can revisit the More Energy Mama program as much as you like

  • Access to a private facebook community to enhance your course experience and connection with likeminded mamas

  • Additional resources both created and curated to help you Flourish in the Flow of Motherhood

Investment: $147 (Compare to $444 for one-on-one program)

Wondering What to Expect?

Each session we will deep dive into one of the Four pillars of More Energy Mama.

  • Rebuilding your relationship with rest and sleep so you actually get quality zzzzz

  • Discover functional nourishment to replete your body of vital nutrients and restore energy balance

  • Learn conscious movement and mindfulness that supports your wom(b)anly health from the inside out

  • Foster community and support so you can create your own tribe in motherhood

Part women’s circle, part group coaching, and part spiritual teaching, you’ll finish the program empowered to make conscious choices around rebuilding and sustaining your energy.


Want to learn how to go from tired and depleted to being a More Energy Mama?

Just follow these easy steps to get started:

Step 1. Make payment of just $147

Step 2. Mark your calendar for the following dates for Live Calls and Soon-to-be-available recordings:

Tuesday, September 10th, 17th, 24th, October 1st and 8th - 12 PM PST

Step 3. I’ll send you access to the private Facebook community and Zoom link so you’re ready to roll this fall. You’ll also get the More Energy Mama Energy Leak Assessment so I can help customize the program to the group

Step 4. You’ll gather together in the ethers with other likeminded mamas for 5 weeks to reset your energy for all things #momlife


I cannot make Tuesdays at 12 pm. Do I have to show up Live for the calls?

No. Calls will be recorded and available via course website for you to view at your own convenience

I don’t have a facebook account - Do I have to participate in the group FB page?

No. The close group FB page is an additional resource to support you in your journey of feeling good. It is not required.

How will the calls be facilitated?

All calls will be on ZOOM, a free application you can download and access from your phone, tablet or computer.

Will this course be offered again?

This is the only More Energy Mama group program offered in 2019

What kind of methods to you use?

Throughout this program, you’ll be guided in meditations, breathing exercises and movements designed to uplevel your energy. I’ll weave in functional nutrition and holistic health to help you rebuild your energy and get resourced.

Will there be physical exercise?

You can expect gentle movements that focus on bringing your body into physical and energetic alignment, and teaching you ways to sustain your health long term through functional fitness.

With there be one-on-one coaching with the group program?

Each participant can email me directly if there are questions or information they wish to not share in the group format. I do find that we, as part of the collective of mothers, share much in common and can learn from eachother. Group participation is highly encouraged, but not necessary.

Okay great! Sign me up!


Don’t be shy: email me at kira@mamamanifest.com