Hey there Mama, does this sound like you?

Each morning, you wake up already tired and dreading the long day ahead. Your eyes are barely open before that first cup of coffee, and you’re reaching for caffeine in all forms to help get through the day.

Each afternoon, you can barely keep your eyes open as you mindlessly move through your routine. When you finally hit the pillow after zoning out on Netflix and wine,  your mind is racing and you can’t get to sleep no matter how tired you are.

You’re frequently frazzled. You can’t seem to focus or think clearly, much less remember where you put your wallet and keys. You’ve got “mommy brain” and all the brain fog, lack of clarity, and forgetfulness that comes with it.

You’re operating in survival mode and despite having reasonable desires beyond your current daily life,  the thought of putting more on your plate makes you want to curl up in the fetal position and cry.

Sure, it’s common to be totally wiped out in motherhood...but if you’re reading this, you know it could be better.

So what’s causing you to collapse from exhaustion and holding you back from feeling like yourself again?

I’ve got one word for you, mama: DEPLETION

I’ve been there too, even to the level of total burnout, hypothyroidism and postpartum depression. But here is the crazy thing:  I now have more energy than I did before I had my kids. That’s why I am so committed to helping other mamas experience the same because it IS possible.  Just a few months ago, I placed 7th in the first ever USA Track and Field National Women’s Decathlon Championships even as the oldest competitor and only mama.

Now, you don’t need to go sign up for a decathlon, or anything for that matter, but I want you to know that you can have more energy now to do all the things you do (and want to do) in your life.

Just think...

You can wake up each morning feeling refreshed and resourced, even excited, without needing a gallon of coffee riding shotgun all day

You can think more clearly and make decisions more quickly because you can actually focus on what’s in front of you.

You can nourish yourself - exercising regularly, eating mindfully, spending time with friends, and finding time to take care of you. Maybe diving into a passion project, enrolling in art classes, learning to meditate, or taking long baths….and it’s all for YOU.


Contrary to popular belief, you can rebuild and sustain your energy to your pre-mama levels!

And the best part is, it’s not that hard to do and it doesn’t take much time out of your already busy day.

Join me for a More Energy Mama session and you’ll walk away with 3 personalized strategies to go from depleted to energized practically overnight.

Are you ready to be a More Energy Mama?

When you commit to working with me as a More Energy Mama, you’ll receive:

  • The More Energy Mama Energy Leak Assessment to fill out ahead of our session.

It will help you hone in on hidden energy zappers that leave you exhausted, and help me customize our session to best fit YOU and your unique mom life.

  • One 45 minute coaching session, during which:

    • We’ll discuss your More Energy Mama Energy Leak Assessment where you’ll learn the root causes of your exhaustion and why you haven’t been able to find your flow (yet)

    • You’ll learn about the four pillars for long-lasting energy, and which pillar is depleting you the most

    • We’ll identify 3 action steps for you to jumpstart your energy level right away (and how to ACTUALLY fit them into your busy life)

  • One 20 minute follow-up call after two weeks so you have accountability and continued support

Investment: $111


Want to learn how to go from tired and depleted to being a More Energy Mama?

Just follow these easy steps to get started:

Step 1. Make your $111 payment

Step 2. Once you complete your payment, I’ll email you my calendar within 24 hours to book a session time that works for you.

Step 3. I’ll send you the pre-session MEM Energy Leak Assessment for you to complete ahead of our session. You’ll submit it to me within 24 hours of our call.

Step 4. We have our one-on-one coaching session and energy is flowing your way!


Don’t be shy: email me at kira@mamamanifest.com