Intentions, Not Resolutions


Did you know that 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by February? It's no surprise that most resolutions don't stick. I have my own beef with resolutions. To me and many of my spiritual friends, setting a resolution means you are out to resolve something. To fix it. By implying we need "fixing" we are rolling back up in the fetal position of the world of not-enoughness. So what's a healthier way to set out for positive change? With Intentions, obvi.

Mama Manifest is all about setting intentions. It's amazing how abundant life can be when you consciously create it! The New Moon is the ideal time to set intentions, and add the New Year to that, you've got a magic combo for initiating manifestation in the months to come.

How do I set my intentions? I use Core Desired Feelings, not specific actions or restrictions that make me feel like I have to do something, or have to give something up, in order to reach my goals. Core Desired Feelings, or CDFs for short, are the root of Danielle LaPort's The Desire Map. The idea is to identify how you want to FEEL, and base everything, and I mean everything, off those feelings.

When I write down intentions without the CDF's at the forefront, I'm over here like "I intend to get to the gym 4 days/week. Or "I intend to be vegetarian at some point this year." What does that do? It makes them a lot more like those aforementioned resolutions. If I don't meet these goals, I feel like I failed. So instead, using my desired feelings to direct my intentions, the statements change to something like "I want to feel good in my body," or "I want to feel nourished from the foods I eat." From there, there is no failure.

Only simple, conscious choices you get to make to help you feel the way you intend.

See the difference? How do you want to feel? Give it a try. Bust our a pen and paper now and jot down your Core Desired Feelings. Shoot me an email and let me know what your own personal CDF's are for 2019.

Diana Luable