Listening to Our Bodies - the Mother of all Self-Care Practices


Has it ever happened to you, where you start working out hard, only to gain weight or get a mom pooch? If you followed me on Instagram back in October, you saw I started working out 5 days per week. I was tired to not putting my exercise needs first, and wanted to get back to a training program with the hopes of getting into good shape for track season. So I made a plan and stuck to it (for the most part). That plan consisted of weight lifting and high intensity workouts among other things to get me ready for another competitive track season. But six weeks later, I noticed my mid-section was looking and feeling bloated. (Although there are many reasons for bloating, I know from my days of adrenal burnout that stress triggers cortisol and cortisol shows up in the mid-section).

So, I backed off. I told my husband, "My stomach got bigger. I think I am working out too hard, and need to back off." And as an avid cross-fitter, he responded with something dude-like such as "I work out hard, and I'm fine. Huh. Weird." But I backed off anyway and started taking hikes in nature. Over the Holiday season, I traded in cardio intervals and weight lifting for restorative yoga, and Nia. And you know what? Despite the fact that I was burning less calories from less intensive movement, my belly shrunk back down to (almost) flat, let's be real, and I stopped feeling the bloating I had dealt with the month prior.

What's this have to do with you? It's a gentle reminder that our bodies are always telling us what we need. All we have to do is listen. Our bodies will direct us towards our intuition. They ebb and flow with the cycles of the moon and the seasons. They pull us towards what we really need and our soul craves. and that, my friend, is unique to YOU.

Diana Luable