New Year's Intention Setting in 3 easy steps!


Step 1. Ask yourself "What went well for me last year?"

Spend some time reviewing the events of 2018 in your mind. Note accomplishments, however small, as well as vacations or trips, workshops attended, books read, business ventures, joyful parenting moments...anything that feels good coming forward into the New Year.

Step 2. Ask yourself "What didn't go so well for me last year? 

Spend some time reflecting on what didn't go so well for you last year. Without letting your inner critic take over, create a gentle inventory of what didn't work for you and your family. It could be that you didn't have enough time with your spouse, that you spent too much time scrolling on instagram, or something know what doesn't feel good. 

Step 3. Let go of what didn't work for you last year, and use it for setting your intentions.

For example, in my life, I spent way too much time scrolling on instagram. That led to two things: Me feeling like I wasn't enough, and me not being fully present for my children. So, my 2019 intentions include valuing my self-worth and being more present with the girls. 

To solidify your intentions, write them down in a journal to review throughout the year. 

Diana Luable