Step-by Step Yoni Steaming


1. Simmer a large pot of water with desired mixture of herbs for approx. 10 minutes 
(Author Lisa Lister recommends Yarrow herb, Marigold, Rose petals, Raspberry Leaf or Sweet Violet)

2. Pour the hot water into a ceramic or stainless steel bowl that fits oh-so-snuggly into your toilet bowl.
(You can also purchase a yoni steaming kit or yoni sauna...but this toilet method works just the same)

3. GO PEE before you put that bowl in the toilet. Trust me, this process is seriously relaxing and if you don't empty your bladder first, you'll be holding it on for 20 minutes (against the point).

4. Place the tea bowl in the toilet and allow the water to cool slightly as your set the mood 

4. Grab a large blanket to drape around your body from the waist down to the floor

5. Sit your naked booty down onto the toilet seat (if it's too hot, wait a few more minutes).

6. Drape the blanket and secure any air gaps...this will help your session last longer.

7. Sit and simmer for at least 20 minutes

8. After the steam, continue self-care by taking a nice ritual bath, resting, journaling or meditating

I do hope you give the Steam a seriously feels amazing.

But if you're still on the fence, or aren't able to do to IUDS or pregnancies, etc. and want a softer way to access your womb center...try some womb breathing.

Diana Luable