The Yoni Steam


Last month I posted to my insta-stories with a picture of a steaming bowl of rose hips in my toilet bowl. One of my followers was trying to figure out why I'd be drinking tea from a toilet. LOL. Whoops. Let me clarify:

My lady zone was drinking that tea in the toilet with a relaxing and super healing Yoni Steam.

First, Ketaki, let me ask you, Are YOU familiar with the sanskrit word 'yoni'?  Yoni refers to the womb and all correlating female genitalia and reproductive organs. It's a much more powerful word than vagina which is defined a "muscular tube leading from the genitals to the cervix)...although if you like that word be my guest and use it pride! I digress... Let's get back to the Yoni Steam.

Yoni steams are healing self-care practices that facilitate physical healing for all things lady zone(PMS, Post Birth Control Syndrome, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility issues, irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, pre menopause...the list goes on.)

Emotionally and Spiritually, the Yoni Steam can help heal feelings of shame or guilt associated with sex and sensuality, any "down there" trauma, and can directly connect you to your POWER to manifest and create with the divine.BOOM. Are you down to try it?

Before I list out the step by step guide for steaming your va-jay-jay, please refrain from this practice if you have an IUD, are on your period, pregnant, or immediately postpartum (including belly births).

Diana Luable