This is your year, mama.


This year, you get to put your energy, your joy, your passion ABOVE ALL ELSE. Do this, and watch your entire life start to come into alignment. Last year, I did something radical. I went back to my sport of track and field after 15 years. Not to win, not to compare my postpartum self to my 18 year old self or the 18 year olds I competed with.... but to have fun and to show my children how to live passionately and seek opportunities that really make me feel ALIVE. It was the final piece of the puzzle I was needing to feel like myself again.

What are you going to do this year to bust through blocks and flourish in the flow of motherhood?
Hit reply and let me know. And if you are hoping for more energy in 2019 so you can actually do all the things you want to do, check out my new program More Energy Mama!

Diana Luable