Sit on a meditation cushion or lie down comfortably. Place your hands in a heart shape over your womb space (between the navel and pubic bone). Connect thumb and pointer fingers to enclose the energy of the womb space.

Take a deep breath, inhaling bright light through the crown of your head and down into the womb. Envision this light penetrating your ovaries, your uterus, your birth canal, your vagina. Continue to breathe into this space, bringing energy to the yoni. Notice the beating of your heart connecting to your pelvis.

Feel the energy of your hands giving warmth to your womb. Envision circles of energy spinning around the pelvis, getting wider and wider with each breath.

When you feel connected to the womb, ask Her how she is doing. Ask her what she wants. Feel into her - and continue to breathe into the space.

This is gentle way to connect the energy of the womb to the physical parts of your body. It is literally the place in our body where we create, not only humans, but ideas, abundance, pleasure, joy. 

Practice this daily for just a few minutes, and set aside extra time during the new moon and your own menstrual cycle to tune into her wisdom and let it guide you. 


Now that you're lady space is taken care of, let's talk Holiday Boundaries.
I know I can't be the only one who gets overwhelmed and bombarded by the jam-packed weekends, weeknight commitments, school festivities, work dinners, and playing Santa to say the least. It can really rob from the joy of the season. Do you find yourself agreeing to do way more than you really want to? I used to do that, too.

But what if I told you that setting boundaries is perhaps the number one thing you can do for self-care. When you decide to put joy and energy before anything else, that takes us back to reclaiming our Virgin-self. Do you really have to go to a cookie decorating party, or make a pinterest worthy craft with your kids? No.

Do you need to go to the Holiday parade? No.

Do you need to make a Gingerbread House? No.
(But if you do, save some time and get the $7.99 kit from Trader Joe's)

Do you need to go to every single gathering you're invited to? No.

Do you need to take your kids to the birthday party the week before Christmas? No.

Do you need to wrap your presents like they came from Bloomingdales? Hell no.

Do you need to send out a Holiday Card? Nope.

Do you need instagram worthy pictures of your kids opening presents, and you looking fabulous in matching Hanna Anderson PJ's on Christmas morning? Again, no.

This new moon, set an intention on what you want the next few weeks to look like and feel like for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. What are some important rituals and traditions you don't want to miss? What can you do without? What social gatherings would fulfill your desire for connection, and which would leave you feeling without? Tune into this and honor your energy, priorities, and boundaries this season.

Diana Luable