Happy Aquarian Season, Mama


As I write this email, I’ve just woken up to my own internal clock at 8 am on a Saturday, with an ocean view. The house is quiet, the sleeping beach town is slowly waking up, and I’m sitting in bed, waiting for coffee to brew and writing to you in peace. In case you didn’t sense this, I am AWAY from my kids. I am away from home, and I am getting some much needed s-p-a-c-e to regroup, recharge, and honestly, get work done. This is the first time I have escaped my house solo since last summer for the National Decathlon Championships. Last June, I had to pack up all the kids and myself , and all my track and field gear for 10 events to haul everything to grandma’s house. This time, I packed a grocery bag of personal development books, my laptop, and very few personal items. It feels so freeing. But the energy of the New Year hasn’t been like this for me over the last few weeks. It took a massive breakdown last weekend for me to finally, with conviction, tell my hubby I needed to get the F outta there so I could grab a fresh perspective of my very blessed and beautiful yet seemingly monotonous mom life. Can you relate?

So how’s it been for you in the New Year? I have felt some pretty chaotic energy over the last month, and it feels like a got hit in the head by the aftermath of the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20th. Work had piled up over the Holiday, I started my monthly Moon circle, Tax Season is upon us (And I admittedly didn’t keep up with Quickbooks AT ALL in 2018…), financial aid applications are due for school, and the energy is busy and buzzing.

There was a bombardment of “New Year New You” messages harassing my social media feeds, email inboxes, and TV commercials. And at a time of year where we are energetically still supposed to be staying inward and cultivating energy for the Spring, our very Western culture didn’t get that memo.

So what happened? Girl, I crashed. I became the person I had healed myself from. I started yelling more at my (ahem, very spirited) five year old, I drank too much caffeine, became a champion procrastinator, and I let overwhelm get to me. Seriously. WTF. I know better. But here’s where you get to benefit…I’m letting you in on how I dial myself back in after hitting burnout and losing my way. The good news is? My recent "funk” only last a day, compared to the months, I had endured before.

But first, here’s what else to expect in this new moon’s Museletter. I’m sharing my family’s favorite go-to sweet tooth remedy snack, a simple healing meditation for you to work with the continuing aftermath of the Lunar Eclipse (six more months, ya hear?!) and how I personally pull myself out of a funk. I’ve also got a fun Free quiz up on the website. I hope you enjoy this month’s musings, which as usual, I’m writing during my monthly bleed. It’s about to get real.

Diana Luable