How I pulled my self out of a funk - Ten Steps to Getting Back into Flow

  1. I let myself cry.

  2. I continued my spiritual practices and showing up for the healing meditation.

  3. I allowed the uncomfortableness, and even leaned into it.

  4. I got curious about why I was feeling so poorly, why I was being so reactive and resistant, and why old memories were flooding in.

  5. I went on a solo hike in nature to clear my head

  6. I revised my personal boundaries, and realized I had let them get crossed.

  7. I decided not to care if I was disappointing other people because I cancelled my obligations.

  8. I revisted my non-negotiables - what I need in order to feel good and do my work in this life with ease and grace.

  9. I made selfish appointments for Energy Healing for the next 3 months to hold myself accountable to ME.

  10. I changed my outlook but transforming my thoughts from negative to positive.

Diana Luable