The Matryoshka Doll Meditation


Now that you have so bravely stirred up memories past, it’s time to meditate on a mission.

Lie down in savasana or find a comfortable seated position. If seated, make sure your knees can rest below the hips and you’re not straining to sit up straight. You can place a few cushions or a yoga block underneath your booty to prop you up.

Keep your list nearby for reference. Close your eyes. Begin by taking in deep breaths and turning your attention inward. Steady the breath by breathing in for 5 counts, and exhaling for 5 counts. Repeat until you feel calm and centered.

Now, see a disc of radiant golden light floating above your head, at the crown chakra. See this disc opening up wider and wider, and beginning to pour waterfalls of light over your head.

Envision that light healing you now. Any pain or suffering you are currently experiencing, and confusion or doubt, any limiting beliefs.

Feel the warmth of this healing light encapsulate your entire physical body as you see yourself held in a cocoon of compassion.

Now, begin to bring your inner awareness to each time in your life you were made aware of in the journaling exercise. Visualize each contrasting experience as a layer of YOU just beneath the surface of you skin. Bring the cocoon of light inward to this memory, and again, feel the warmth surround you.

Continue this visualization for each memory, moving backwards in time as you see layers and layers of light drawing inward into your heart center.

Like a Matryoshka doll, you’ll sense you, as a precious, sovereign baby, at the center of the light layers.

See your sovereign baby-self, basking in love, compassion, and delight for this physical life. This is the true you, the You that came into this world knowing.

Meditate on this joy of this blissful baby for as long as you like.

Close this meditation with hands at heart center in namaste, honoring yourself for doing this great work, and honoring your souls path on earth.

Diana Luable