What are your dreams, mama?


Hey there, mama!

The energy is building this week as we approach the Pisces x Virgo Full Moon this Friday, the 13th.

Don’t let Friday the 13th scare you, love. Thirteen (a combination of 1 and 3) is a powerful number combination amplifying the energy of the divine feminine. 
Friday, named after Venus, is a powerful day for goddess energy.

When I see a full moon on Friday the 13th, I know I need to carve out some extra time to truly maximize the portal for release and manifestation.

Use this to your benefit and channel that full moon energy this week to take a deep dive into dreamland and start manifesting your desires!

As a native Pisces, this sign is all about the dreamer and intuitive. Sometimes, we Pisceans are so up in dreamland and feeling all the vibrations that we forget to ground back down to mama earth. We need that Virgo energy to ground us and help us organize our thoughts, feelings and desires. We know anything is possible, but we need some structure to make it happen.

Leading up to this full moon, I’ve been incredibly inspired by the book, The Awakened Woman, by Dr. Tererai Trent. This woman is amazing, and is proof that by honoring our sacred dreams we can achieve them. To her rural village in Africa, her dreams were impossible. Yet, with years of steadfast dedication to her dreams and by utilizing sacred rituals, hard work and commitment, she acheived them. All of them

She went from child marriage, dirt floors, spousal abuse and war-torn Zimbabwe to completing her PHD and starting schools for girls in Africa. Dr. Trent has been named “Oprahs favorite guest” and if you’re looking to uplevel your dreams and your belief in them, I highly recommend checking out the book.

You can also get crazy inspired by some of her podcast interviews including my faves from The Kate and Mike Show and Marie Forleo TV. Check them out.

What I’m learning from my own self-inquiry is that, somewhere along the journey of finding my way in motherhood, I lost focus on my actual dreams.

Sure, I’ve tried hard to keep up some type of career, and raise my children in alignment with my (and their respective) truth(s). I have a wonderful spouse. We own our own (messy) home. We have amazing education and childcare for our littles. They are happy and healthy and we have fun. We live on the Central Coast of California, a place many people confirm is too hard to find work or sustain a life here.

I mean, all of these were dreams of mine at some point. And now, they are our reality.

But now…what the heck are my new dreams? I’ve been spending time thinking about this lately.

Why, you ask? Here’s the deal…

When we can get really really clear about what we want, we can manifest it.

If we are sort of humming along, doing the thing called life and not paying too much attention to intention, we are sending lots of mixed messages to the universe. 

I’m going to think big and not let my uber practical mind stop me.

I’ll share some of my dreams with you:

I dream of having my own piece of land to farm organically and biodynamically (not just farm for other people).

I dream of having a large outdoor living space with a table for 20 so I can host dreamy dinner parties.

I dream of having an amazing vegetable garden, a yurt for moon circles, and some goats.

I dream of becoming a best-selling author and sought-after speaker as a spiritual teacher for mamas.

I dream of hosting retreats in exotic locations (see you there!)

I dream.

I dream.

I dream.

Dream with me, mama.

I invite you to start thinking again about your dreams. Perhaps you’ve realized some from the past, and like me, have yet to truly dream up new ones. I hope you carve some sacred opportunities this week to let your imagination rewild.

With love and Pisces vibes,


Kira Malone