Aries and the birth of the Astrological Year


I’ll preface this segment with the fact that my adorable, agreeable, easy-going and ever-delighted Magnolia is an Aries. This little lady is amazed by all things life. “Cow!” “Dada home!” “Make up. Mama?!” “Book!” “Maggie Hummus!” She lights up over what many of us find routine or mundane, and I just love this about her. She is a constant reminder that life is meant to be exciting, and that we are meant to go after what brings us joy or sparks interest. It’s why we are all here on Earth - to experience it!

So what is it about Aries? Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and brings a why-the-hell-not attitude with the element of fire to propel things forward quickly. If Aries was a sponsored athlete, Nike would be all over it. Aries is the king of “just do it.” Often, the shadow side of Aries can be viewed as selfishness. Why, you ask? Aries often forgets to take into account other people or considerations when springing to action on impulse. That said, Aries doesn’t get stuck overthinking things either. As a Pisces myself born into the last sign of the Zodiac, I wish I had a little more Aries energy! I’m working on it.

In my local moon circle last month, I compared Aries to that one kid in all your college group projects participates when they want, doesn’t stress about anything, and still gets a good grade because 5 other people stressed about it. She is carefree and confident, and would rather spend her time and energy doing stuff that she’s finds pleasurable. She doesn’t think twice about the hard work everyone else put in, because that would be a waste of time.

So what does that mean for you and tonight’s New Moon?

The New Moon in Aries is the perfect time to get clear on what goals you want to achieve over the next month and also for the year. The energy of rebirth with the Spring couples with the bold and carefree Aries mentality to provide us the ideal landscape for goal-setting and taking deliberate action towards what we want. The key is to tap into this energy push with FOCUS, instead of busi-ness. Trust me, I’m working on that. too.

Use this New Moon to set aside clear goals that align with your inner Truth. Check out the journal prompt below, and let the creativity and honesty flow.

Want to share your journal entries with our tribe? Send them to me and I’ll share them (anonymously if you preference) in my IG Stories this month. There is something about sharing your intentions that makes them more real, and conceivably more achievable.

Diana Luable