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Hey there, mama!

My clients often ask me, “How do you meditate?”

Look, I get it. It’s hard enough to intentionally carve out time for meditation. Then once you sit down, you've no idea where to begin. Should you follow an audio recording? If so, which one? Maybe just sit there and breathe in and out? That works too…

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in meditation before, either guided or self-led, and maybe you're even experienced meditator #heavilymeditated . Often when I hit my meditation cushion, crystals in hand, I get overwhelmed by having to choose which type of meditation to choose! Even as a yoga and meditation teacher, I have a hard time focusing and beginning the practice of letting go.

So, how can we make it easier to meditate?

Introducing, Journey Live App from Journey Meditation.

Journey Meditation just launched Journey LIVE, the world's first live group meditation app - think Peloton for Meditation.  There are live group meditations daily in the morning, midday, and evening making it easy for you to pop those headphones in and find some stillness in your day.

I’m excited to offer you a free annual membership ($100/person/year value) if you download in the next 2 weeks.

Download the app here and use the code: MAMAMANIFEST


Diana Luable