Lunar Energy Flow: Sync your energy with the moon cycles for long-lasting vitality!


Do you ever feel like your energy is all over the place? I mean, one week you’ve got energy to tackle to-do lists, make those calls you’ve been putting off, and actually enjoy social interaction? Then the next week, you may feel like crawling into a cave with a cozy kantha quilt, overwhelmed at the thought of responding to a text and wonder why you feel like shit? This is totally normal, mama. Understanding that female energy is cyclical is the base of creating and maintaining your energy and vitality.

Did you know that the female body mirrors the moon cycles and seasons? The very nature of our energy as women is cyclical. While male energy is linear and consistent,  our inner atmosphere reflects the phases of the moon. If we go-go-go as we have been taught to do, we burn out. 

For thousands of years, women lived by the cycles of the moon. It was widely understood that there are times of the month for rest and times of the month for action. When in sync with nature and menstruating naturally (no hormonal birth control), we can maximize our energy and our manifestation potential, by tapping into this ancient wisdom. For those women not menstruating or on hormonal birth control, we can still access this wisdom with the moon. (see download for more details).

During the new moon, we experience a time of restoration and reflection. During the full moon, we are outwardly expressive and our energy peaks. Throughout the month, there are more optimum times to be visible, take risks, and exert energy (yang). Then, that energy begins to wane and we need to resource through rest, restorative self care, and connection to our inner wisdom (yin). It’s a beautiful cycle, and all women benefit from understanding this as central to our nature.

When we tap into this rhythm, we can align our busy schedules to match and keep our vitality going. (Yes, I still get tired, yes, I have dark circles under my eyes....after all...I AM a mother of two young kids. But it's the inner vitality that we are after!) 

I've been honoring this system for awhile now, and between this rhythm and all the holistic energy building and woo-woo stuff I do, I now have way more energy as a mother with two kids under 5, that I did before kids.

It's amazing how my menstrual cycle is now spot on with the new moon, 28 days apart as opposed to 36 previously. AND even better, I know when to push my energy and when to surrender. I know when to schedule big meetings, interviews, volunteer work and project deadlines. And more importantly, I know when to dial back my obligations and set aside time to rest, unapologetically. The best part of this is that my energy is predictable throughout the month. Zero surprises!

For months, I have been working on a creation to help you understand the cyclical nature of female energy. I created Lunar Energy Flow along with my fabulous graphic designer as a handy go-to to understand the ebbs and flow of your own personal energy cycle.

I’m thrilled to offer this to my Mama Museletter tribe, and hope you find it helpful in navigating each month and season. I find that even a few conscious choices throughout each phase of the month t can lead to more balance and ease.

One of the ways I support mothers to rebuild their energy with More Energy Mama is by honoring this ancient wisdom and identifying simple shifts that bring them more into alignment with their own energy + to-do list.

I’ve got a special offer for you to jumpstart your energy this Spring. Check it out.

Diana Luable