Mercury Retrograde strikes again


Well, I just have to have a little laugh at the Universe. On my to-do list today: Finish and send out my Mama Museletter. Around 11 am, the power goes out in my house, and the entire rural town where we live, internet cafe included. Universe, well played!

Mercury goes RX today (March 5th) and gives us 3 solid weeks of touch and go communication with our loved ones, our colleagues, and most of all, those tech devices. If communications have already felt a little off, we’ve been in a pre-shadow retrograde phase since mid-February.

The planet Mercury rules communication, and when Mercury goes retrograde, issues in communication can surface. You may find it harder to connect with your partner or children, and difficulty getting on the same page with just about anyone, even yourself. Your laptop may shut down on you mid-proposal, work unsaved, or in my case, the power could go out when you really need it.

So how do you navigate this intense 3 week period? Pay attention to the details and plan ahead (also excellent Virgo traits to balance out that Pisces vibe). During a Mercury RX, it’s important not to make assumptions of yourself or anyone else without practicing clear constant communication. It’s also a fantastic idea to save your computer work as you go…less cuss words will be expressed because of it.

If something goes awry, can you join me in laughing about it? I’ll do my best to laugh, too!

Diana Luable