The Energetic New Year is Coming!


Spring is starting to show its glory here in California, and amidst lots of rain, we are seeing wildflowers begin to blossom, hillsides covered in green grass, and orchards blooming with promise for this new year. Not much makes me happier than a lush green field full of orange California poppies!

Did you know the energetic New Year is actually the Spring Equinox, aka Ostara on the Wheel of the Year? While we westerners celebrate January 1st as the New Year, the energy of the earth actually aligns with Spring new beginnings. (This is also the Persian New Year, and aligns with Easter, Passover, and other cultural Holidays celebrating rebirth and renewal).

So if you’ve felt sluggish to start on those 2019 projects or unmotivated to workout, know that the energy is shifting and soon you’ll feel a nudge to put yourself into action. It’s time to plant those seeds (literally, and figuratively), because March is all about fertility and promise.

The Spring Equinox is associated with the Maiden archetype, brimming with promise and overflowing with creative ideas, excitement, and the energy to take action. As we start to close out our Winter Season, a time where we go inward to reflect and set intentions, new energy will align with you to put your dreams and goals into action. Pay attention to these subtle shifts.

In this edition of the Mama Museletter, I’ve going to help you jumpstart the Spring with tips for creating more energy. Did you know that your thyroid health could be the secret weapon to reclaiming your energetic self?

This month, I touch on various topics designed to help you connect to your authentic motherhood journey. I’ve got some real life musings on my own journey as a conscious parent and my recent realization I’ve got an addiction to staying busy. And since Mercury retrograde starts today and the power is out in my entire rural town, I’ll touch on that too.

Ready? Set…..GO! (I can’t help myself, track season is here!)

Diana Luable