This Pisces New Moon, Addictive Behaviors and Overcoming Escapism


I found the energy over the last week to feel really intense and heavy. Did you feel that, too? Over the last few months, I have put way too much on my plate. With multiple business, two young girls (5 and 23 months), keeping up with that self-care, and only 12 hours of child care per week…I was crashing. With the long to -do list and self-inflicted pressure I put on myself, I completely forgot how to relax. On top of that, I found every excuse to constantly be on my phone or my laptop to “get work done” at every possible nano-second. I mean, after all, I run an online business and am a “work from home mom” so obviously I had better be on line or plugged in at all times? W R O N G

Earlier this week, I experienced heavy bloating, several days of pre-menstrual spotting, and the inability to go to sleep…all signs of burnout and adrenal overload.

I got some somatic bodywork done, and couldn’t stop crying. My physical therapist was asking if I was okay (And I didn’t get into because who wants to cry and kegel at the same time in the presence of a 60 year old man?)

On top of that, I was helping a mama via text message on infertility and its relation to resistance when these words flowed from my subconscious and into my phone

“…It’s not about going keto, or adding more into your life or getting more tests done…it’s about doing less and releasing resistance. Learn to surrender, meditate, and really relax…the body cannot conceive when it is under stress”

As I typed these words, I realized that not only were these words for this mama, but for myself more than anything. I forgot about the sacred pause, and the power of being un-busy.

To be fertile isn’t just about pro-creating life. To be fertile IS the essence of life.

Surrendering into this myself, I did a lot of crying (aka releasing resistance) and sent my own spiritual health coach an email about feeling like I needed to give something up.

Without going into more detail here, I want to share with you what I realized after coming to the difficult conclusion of having to give up on something:

Busy-ness is an addiction.

Busy-ness is what keeps us from being fully present

Busy-ness is an escape from feeling, from pleasure, and from our physical bodies.

The escape. I was putting Magnolia down for a nap when I made the correlation between my own addiction to “busy'-ness” and the lower vibration of the Pisces sign, Escapism. I am a pisces sun and moon, and I know escapism all too well.

Click on the video above to watch me shed some light on tomorrow New Moon in Pisces and why you may have reverted to old habits or addictions in an effort to escape lately. There is no shame here, simply awareness.

When we are more aware of the underlying forces or energies that bring subtle shifts to our mind and bodies, we can let them move through us and consciously raise the vibration.

Diana Luable