You are worthy of enjoying motherhood. Let’s start by maximizing your energy !


Has your life been buzzing lately? That Spring Equinox/Full moon combo was quite powerful at the end of March. We were gifted a powerful portal for manifestation. The first full moon in Aries provided a release of the stagnant past alongside the fertile energy of Ostara /Spring Equinox within 24 hours of each other. This was a rare occurrence, and I’m sure you all felt the intensity. Tomorrow, the new moon in fiery Aries brings us even more potential to set intentions and get undeniably clear with the Universe what we want to create and bring more of into our lives.

In the past two weeks since Ostara, it feels as though my life moved from busy to uncomfortably busy, really really quick. The busy has been all for good reason, but for someone trying to beat the busy addiction….Whoops. You’ve heard me talk before about my relationship with busy-ness, and I’m still working on it. (It’s a practice, after all!).

At the advice of my somatic cranial sacral therapist, I am trying to surrender into the busy instead of fighting an inner battle between what is, and what I think should be. Another reason to surrender into this buzzing time of year? It’s the best time for goal-setting, accomplishments and taking deliberate action. As a recovering over-doer and linear thinker (set goal+ work hard=achieve), I am primed to love Aries season.

Can you relate? The irony is, after four solid weeks of meal prepping and surviving busy on top of busy, we all got sick! Lesson learned. Universe, you’re hilarious.

In this edition of the Mama Museletter, I am going to talk about my tearful revelation of why I have created myself busy in motherhood. I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps it rings true for you, too.

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Let’s dive into the Cosmos.

Diana Luable