New Moon in Taurus: Looking back to move forward


I’m trying to be more realistic of what I can actually accomplish as a mother of two young daughters managing multiple business ventures and volunteering on the side. Looking back, I completely overcommitted myself this Spring. I had put a lot of wheels into motion, some I knew would come into fruition over these blossoming months, and some intentions where just tossed out into the universe. In line with true MamaManifest values, I haven’t agreed to do anything I didn’t really want to do. But, I still agreed to doing too much. I got caught in a vortex of busy. I keep saying no to lots of things, but that doesn’t help to mitigate the buffet of commitments I already made. Now? I am in the weeding out process to decide which of my obligations and activities are the ones that fuel me the most, the life me up the most, that support my family the most, and align with my divine purpose. I view this period as contrast, helping me decipher more and more acutely what I really want and how I want to do it..

During Taurus season, we align with the Earth element to ground us into what we really value most. And while Taurus values material possessions and “worth”, our soul are calling us to value what is truly meaningful and innately valuable in our lives.

To get a bigger view on this, let’s revisit the past few months.

Over the course of 2019, the zodiac has prompted us to look deeper in to find our soul purpose, create healthy boundaries, and revisit the health of our relationships. Think of it this way - around the New Year, we set intentions for what we wish to manifest in our lives. Aquarian season urged us to blend our personal identity and talents to support the greater collective of humanity…so we were prompted to think about our divine life purpose and utilizing our passions and talents for the highest good. In order to do that, we became more acutely aware of the boundaries, or lack thereof, in all aspects in our lives. After all, how can we truly fulfill our divine purpose if we don’t have structure in place to support that?

Once we realized we had some adjustments to make in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, we got prompted to find harmonious balance in our relationships with ourselves and others. Aries was a huge month for this, with two full moons occurring in Libra, a rare cosmic occurrence.

And now, now that we have had a chance to open up the vulnerable heart and stubborn head (ahem, shadow side of Taurus) to what relationships are out of balance, we are able to see why we have allowed them to be less-than-harmonious in the first place….And as Universe/God/Source would have it, we have been prompted with different emotions and life events to propel our personal growth.

The root of it all is self-worth, and the higher vibration of Taurus is sending us loud messages right now to get to the heart of what makes us vibrate real self-worth.

Diana Luable