Taurus season, Self-worth, and Inspiring Cosmos and Convos


It’s officially the middle of Spring, as Beltane graced our calendars on May 1st, marking the peak of the season. Amidst the busy energy of wrapping up the school year, initiating projects, and preparing for Summer, May brings us a metaphorical calm blanket after chaotic and fiery Aries last month.

Although I have been busier than every in working mom life over the last month, I am honing in on what is truly important to me, and how I can bring more meaning into my life. What feels not only good, but great?! Perhaps you’re feeling this, too. In fact, I’m sitting her typing this edition of the Mama Museletter on the actual date of the New Moon, having just carved out a precious hour on a Saturday morning to put my thoughts into words. I almost decided, after 6 months of consistent Mo(o)nthly Museletters, to skip this month’s newsletter because I am just too busy and flat out exhausted.

But then I thought, you' are probably busy, too. And we all need a monthly reminder to pause and re-prioritize. So here goes…..

Diana Luable