What is self-worth?


Self-worth is an inherent value that we either have, or we don’t. For me, self-worth is still a moving target. I know I am worthy of abundance, happiness, lifestyle comforts, enjoying the human existence, etc. But, do I really vibe with this on a mental/emotional level? Is it truly embodied? Again for me, not yet.

Although we know we are inherently worthy, we have years of cultural conditioning and appropriation that has implanted beliefs otherwise. Some of these are formed from our own past and contrasting experiences, but much of it is ancestral, living in our cells until we can forge our way past them and break free.

I try not to beat myself up when I have feelings of lack or self-doubt, because I know that those are all part of the human experience. My goal is to slowly chip away at breaking through my limiting beliefs so I can truly step into my divine power here earthside. It’s progress over perfection, and reminding myself that this work I am doing doesn’t just stop with me. I remind myself I am part of a collective of conscious humans working to bring back the divine feminine and rise up. This is all part of the age of Aquarius, and each of us is a tiny piece of the grandiose puzzle, eons in existence. The very work of personal growth and healing is divine in nature. Just knowing this, helps me continue on my path of embodying self-worth.

When we carry self-worth, or even fake it til we make it, we can bring more resonance to all of our relationships. And since life is managed via relationships, we can truly create the life we deserve.

Diana Luable