Activate your power with the full moon’s intensity


With any full moon, the energy is potent for releasing that which no longer serves us. This can be habits, thought patterns, a specific event we’ve been holding onto, a system that is no longer working, our need for control, a struggle with finances, discord with a friend….literally anything. All month long, I like to create a little list in my mind of what is most important for me to release on the night of the full moon. From there, I usually focus on releasing the biggies. I’m talking 1 or 2 BIG THINGS that are holding me back, and I encourage you to do the same.

With today’s full moon, we have an even more potent opportunity to release any stickiness. When a lunar eclipse occurs, it amplifies the power of the full moon making today the PERFECT day to get clear on what’s holding you back and release it for good. The cosmic events have stirred up a lot of karmic influence, buried truths, and comfortable albeit not so useful patterns. Combine this with Mercury in retrograde, and we have a telescopic understanding of the systems by which we live our lives by and how they may be broken.

When a full moon occurs, the sun literally shines light on the otherwise dark moon. The lower vibrations of the moon sign are illuminated before us, brought to the surface. With the moon in the sign of Capricorn, we see where rigidity, anxiety, seriousness, and trying hard to prove our outwardly success have taken us away from our sense of self and how we bring our authentic truth into our external experiences.

Full moons always occur when the sun and moon signs are in direct opposition to one another. So opposing Capricorn, we have Cancer, which is showing us our tendency to put our emotional and physical needs on the back burner for the sake of nurturing others. When we continue to put other’s needs before our own, we eventually become resentful or frustrated. These emotions are lower vibrations we want to transmute.

With today’s energies, we are being called to look at what we need to truly nourish ourselves so that we can take our highest form of self, combine in with the Capricorn energy, and come to a place of discipline, structure, productivity and power from a true place of exuding our most authentic and aligned selves.

Take some time this evening to journal, meditate, or moon bathe and connect to your inner-knowing. Use the exercise below to help access your intuition and make the most of this full moon.


Diana Luable