Is your self-care exhausting you? Let’s change that!


Two years ago, amidst total burnout, I was hungry for self-care. I had heard that buzzword thrown around. And you know what? I knew I deserved it. I was exhausted, and depleted from being sucked on, sat on and pulled on 24/7 with a preschooler and a new baby. My hubby was so happily jaunting off to cross fit 3 days a week while I soaked in breastmilk, sweat, and spilled smoothies over a laptop screaming “get to work!”

I was ready for some ME TIME. So we came up with a schedule so I could fit in a few hot yoga classes a week. Despite being up all night with the newborn, I crawled out of bed to make the 6 am hot vinyasa class or practice Kundalini meditation before the kids woke up.

I fueled myself with raw juices and almond butter smoothies. I thought I was taking care of myself. But I was exhausted. Because I was trying so damn hard to practice self-care, yet still felt crappy, I thought something must be wrong with me. I needed to up my vibration. So I started writing in a gratitude journal and trying to positive-think my way out of this serious funk.

Only, it didn’t work. Over time, I grew more angry, more tired, more anxious, as my serious attempts at self-care weren’t working.

The self-care wasn’t working because it did not address the ROOT of my exhaustion. Actually, it made it worse, and overtime led to hypothyroidism and postpartum depression (nearly same symptoms btw.)

So - I got really curious about how to heal my postpartum mind, body and spirit. I found that my self-care was actually making my symptoms worse.

At the time, I just wanted someone to Tell me what to do. How can I actually feel good?

Now, I am taking the guessing game out of the equation for you and addressing the root cause of these symptoms: DEPLETION.

In the More Energy Mama Group Program, I’m leading a small group of women on a journey to rebuild their energy and long term vitality.

Through this program, you’ll learn free and simple ways to reboot your physical and emotional energy right away. No need to have coffee riding shot gun all day long or feel totally unsupported.

I’m leading you through all holistic methods to:

Get better sleep
Sustain your energy throughout the Day

Ditch Brain Fog
Decrease Anxiety and Overwhelm

Exercise for Longterm Vitality and Pelvic/Core Health
Increase Your Clarity and Confidence

Create your Village of Community and Support
Learn how to express your needs and get the met

And more!

We’ll work together over a 5 week period with weekly live calls (recorded) and a private FB group. You’ll have my support as well as the support of other ambitious mamas to help you REPLETE your energy and create vitality.

Today’s the last day to secure the early bird pricing of just $97 (Reg. $147).
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Diana Luable