Let Yourself Shine for the Greater Good

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We have a powerful full moon today in the sign of Aquarius in direct opposition to the sun in Leo. Each year, we get to work with the same pair of opposing astrological energies twice! So here we are, repeating the same combo that kicked off the year in January.

I remember preparing for my first full moon circle this year, with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. The energies were intense around the full moon and total lunar eclipse. Each woman was prompted to release what was holding us back from sharing our light with the world. We were encouraged to recognize our own unique passions and strengths to find a greater purpose to serve all of humanity from the essence of our truth. Today, we get to work with these energies again, after a half a trip around the sun and many lessons learned.

In today’s Mama Museletter, I want to offer you some ways to tap into these energies so you can truly step into your power as an individual and use your authenticity for the greater good. We all have a dharma, a purpose, and through our uniqueness we can bring this forth. Your dharma can be carried out in infinite ways, from your meditation cushion and your family home life, to your work, your community and beyond.

Diana Luable