Mama, Is it summer yet?

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I don’t know about you, but I am READY for summer. The Gemini energy is light, airy and prime for hanging out with friends and family this month. It’s welcoming in a shift in perspective from last month’s grounded Taurus energy. Me? I’m looking forward to more beach days, pool time with the kids, watermelon dripping from all directions and over-dosing on popsicles. With that, there will also be too much screen time, probably a few mornings where we forget to brush teeth, and late nights stargazing in the back yard past bedtime. After this last month with a seriously insane workload and that working mom guilt creeping in…I cannot wait for some intentional down time.

The energy this Spring has been pretty intense for me. Have you felt that, too? This month, I felt myself get way out of alignment both spiritually and in my health. I started feeling frustration and anger again, spurred by current political affairs, and my workload had me crashing hard with noticeable thyroid problems popping into my life again. Cold hands and feet, or crashing at 2 PM anyone? Sleepy all day, toss and turn at night? Bueller? Bueller?

Lucky for me, I can feel when I am getting out of alignment. And because healing isn’t linear, I’ve been in and out of alignment many times. The good news? I know how to get back into alignment pretty damn quickly, and I feel ZERO GUILT prioritizing this.

This Mama Museletter, I’m going to share some insight with you on how to do that for yourself, too. But before that, let’s drop into some juicy, ahem controversial topics. I’d like to preface this with that fact that I am very human, and this piece is my most controversial yet. I’m incredibly nervous writing this, for fear of offending anyone or having my own truth expressed poorly. I understand these topics are triggering, and my goal is share my truth as it is because I know I am not alone. I also know it is important to move through fear and communicate from a place of love.

I invite you, like me, to stay curious and open. I invite you to communicate and have mindful conversations with friends, family, and community so that as a collective, we can work towards a middle path. It breaks my heart to see polarized opinions dividing good people, especially mothers. The more we can practice active listening, the more we can open our hearts and minds, the more we will all evolve as a collective and lift up into The Fifth Dimension.

On that note, I’m in the works of creating a virtual safe space for mamas to speak and be heard, to see and been seen, in motherhood. I hope you’ll join me - email me to get on a wait list for the pilot launch of this very affordable offering.

Diana Luable