Take advantage of today’s full moon and lunar eclipse

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Happy Full Moon, mama!

Today is the day to work with subtle energies, or not so subtle if you’ve had a wild July. This Mama Museletter lands on today’s full moon and partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. We have been in the Capricorn moon since Sunday, with the sun in Cancer. Over the past few weeks, energies have been building since the total solar eclipse on the first of two News Moon in July. Have you felt it?

Two weeks ago, I came home from a long and jam-packed work day and just started crying to my husband. I had been working so hard for several months now, and hadn’t been able to stop the go-go-go train despite all the personal growth I’ve done around slowing down and embodying the feminine.

Many people were relying on me including work colleagues, my children, spouse, friends, clients…you name it. I was keeping up with every commitment of my external life as best as I could. What was missing? My commitment to myself. You see, the sun sign of Cancer brings forth a desire to be deeply nourished. It shows us that when we are not deeply nourished, the low vibrations of Cancer come forth. For me, this often manifests as victimizing myself (whyyyyy meeeeee?????) and martyrdom (I do everything for everyone and have NO time for myself). Yeah….neither are within the realm of divine alignment. If you hear yourself saying something along these lines to yourself or others, it’s time for serious check in.

When we are in the sign of Cancer, or have a lot of Cancer energy in our own astrological chart, we are being called back to our own sense of Self, our center. We are nudged to take an inventory of how in or out of alignment we are with our core values and what brings us joy and contentment. And we notice, that when we aren’t nurturing our inner state of being, well, we can get anxious, frustrated and passive aggressive.

Two weeks ago, my body urged me to do a few things -

  1. Take a break from social media

  2. Detox from my coffee addiction

  3. Wake my ass up early and breathe, move my body #noexcuses

For each of you, the urging you feel will be different. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to clean up your summer bbq diet. Perhaps you’ve been out of rhythm with your exercise regime. Maybe your bedtime rituals took a hiatus with the glorious long summer days, or you’ve gotten into the habit of sleeping in through your normal AM meditation time.

Whatever it is you have been nudged upon in the realm of self-nurturing, it’s time to activate a little tough love and take action. Know that these sensations are part of the cosmic influence calling you inward towards your highest version of yourself.

Diana Luable