The Aquarian Moon


The moon in Aquarius directly opposes the sun in Leo. The light of the sun illuminates the moon and its shadows are brought to the surface for us to witness and release.

Aquarius is the sign of humanity and the greater collective. It’s a reminder that we are all connected and everyone’s gain is our gain. Native aquarians (I married one) are very concerned with the overall quality of life and experience for all lives on this planet. They see no separateness amongst us as the ultimate humanitarians.

When the full moon in Aquarius comes our way, we are encouraged to think about all of humanity. We are reminded that through our authenticity and individual dharmas, we are able to uplift the world as a whole.

You may have received subtle or not so subtle hints lately about how you can serve the collective through your talents. Pay close attention to opportunities that have risen, thoughts or feelings that have sprung up unexpectedly, and your relationship with your creative expression.

On this full moon, I encourage you to review the past few weeks.

What has come up for you that has felt inspiring?

Where do you find yourself holding back your authenticity and unique expression or truth?

How can you step more fully into your individuality?

In what ways are you already serving the collective? (can be as simple as meditating on love and compassion, practicing conscious parenting…get creative!)

Spend some time in gentle meditation and ask yourself:

What do I feel inspired to do now that brings me joy?

How can I carry this inspiration out into the world?

Diana Luable