The Leo Sun


What I love most about astrology is how systematic and fluid it is from one sign around the zodiac to the next. The more I tune in to the cosmos and their driving frequencies, the most I realize that we are all a part of a greater collective having a shared experience.

Just last Sunday, at our monthly moon circle, many women were amazed to hear that their recent experiences were shared with others. This is not coincidence. It’s part of the collective, and a great reminder that we really are one. We may be separate in physical form, but we are truly connected.

We have just exited the annual Lions Gate Portal, which is a powerful gateway in the sun sign of Leo to upgrade our vibration and get direct downloads from our inner guidance. You may have felt some intensity over the past few weeks as we cleaned up the debris from Mercury retrograde and moved out of Cancer season, which showed us with certainty that we must nurture ourselves in order to serve others.

Leo, the Lion, comes in to show us that we can be the powerful, authentic and courageous leaders we dream of being. You may have already felt the inner lioness come through you over the past few weeks, urging you to step into your power and lead from the heart. Leo also reminds us that we each have unique talents, passionate pursuits, and gifts we bring forth into the world. These are gifts that are one-of-a-kind, and not able to replicate. We are catapulted to embody our worth and our value amongst others.

Diana Luable