Want to have more clarity and confidence?


My mother always said, “You know your child best.” I wanted to believe her. I knew she was right, but I just could not embody this in my own life. I was so confused.

A life-longer learner, I dove hard into parenting books. There were books on attachment parenting, RIE parenting, How to get your baby to sleep, positive discipline, 1-2-3 magic, montessori at home….you name it. And they all conflicted with one another.

Meanwhile, I realize in hindsight that I had a super sensitive child that was more emotional, more intense, more determined than other children I compared her to. (Yes, I was comparing back then.)

I agonized over every decision…

Should I send her to daycare? Isn’t it best she is with her mama?

Should we get a nanny in the home? Will she honor our family values? Would she make our child feel important?

Would the gym childcare be a positive environment for her or discipline her in the wrong way? Would she get sick there, and then it’s my fault?

Would these plastic toys halt her beautiful brain development? Why cant I figure out how to have all simple wooden toys in my home?

If I stop nursing before age 2, will I be doing her an injustice? But her immune system….

Is screen time really that bad? She likes Daniel Tiger, and I could use a break…but I feel so bad about having TV on.

What preschool should we go to? Do we choose the alternative education route or more mainstream?

OH. THE. CHOICES. I had zero clarity, little confidence in raising my own child, and because of this…#momguilt on point non stop. It all felt so daunting and finite.

Can you relate?

There is so much noise in parenting. And this noise takes us further and further away from honoring our own intuition. We are expected to fill so many roles as mothers, expected at the point of our exhaustion.

Here’s what I learned: I couldn’t have clarity or find decision-making easy until I kicked the exhaustion and rebuilt my deep energy reserves. I found that the hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, energy imbalances and not knowing how to replete by body were the culprits of indecision.

It was really that easy. When I began to crack my own energy code, and really value my energy and my body, my vision cleared. I found it easier to make decisions about childcare, schedules, preschools, disciplinary methods, screen time, sleep habits…you name it. Guilt free.

I want this for you, too.

In the upcoming More Energy Mama Group Program, I am guiding an intimate group of ambitious and conscious mamas through a blueprint to help rebuild energy from the inside out. When we give our bodies what they need first, we can more easily tap into our innate wisdom and parent from this place of clarity and embodiment.

Our children chose us, and when we show up as the highest versions of ourselves, we are giving our children the greatest gift - US. It’s amazing how the entire family breathes more deeply and lives more peacefully when mama shows up for life in this way.

I’m so thrilled with the mamas who are coming together to learn the same methods that brought me out of confusion and into confidence.

Are you ready to join our virtual mama group? We start September 10th! I’d love to have you…

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Diana Luable