You’re invited to Crack Your Energy Code!


Have you been called to rest more lately, mama?

Last night, I lit a candle, smudged some sage and sat down to meditate in honor of the Lions Gate Portal, an annual gateway in the sun sign of Leo. This cosmic pathway opens us up to higher vibrational living, deeper spiritual connection, and a greater understanding of how we can be authentic, heart-centered leaders in our own lives.

Right now, and through August 12th, our subconscious minds are receiving direct downloads from the cosmos providing us with powerful insights and spiritual upgrades. When this happens, it is common to feel the need to lie down and rest more. For us women, the need to rest and allow for spiritual information to flood through us happens every month, it just happens to be ever more potent right now.

Why is it we are called to rest when the cosmic energies are high?

When we mindfully rest, and specifically when we sleep, our momentum shuts down and we enter what Abraham-Hicks refers to as receptive mode. We are more open to receiving and allowing the subtle (or not so subtle ) shifts to work their magic juju. Should you choose to accept it these upgrades and surrender into the state of allowance, you can expect big vibrational shifts towards your true alignment.

As I breathed into my heart chakra, I visualized each inhale entering through my third eye and filling my body with the warm light of the divine, and each exhale allowing that warm light to move out of my physical body and into the world. After a few minutes of concentrated on this healing energy, my heart space opened. I felt a warm release, a softening, from the deepest chambers of my heart.

Next, I prayed for divine guidance to show me how I can continue to bring conscious and passionate mothers the information and the support they (we) all need in order to truly flourish in life and motherhood.

After my time in prayer, I grabbed my Mother Mary oracle deck and pulled a card. This card, Our Lady of Divine Presence, could not have been more aligned with the questions I had for divinity.

Diana Luable