Being a Virgin - It's not what you may think

What do Mother Mary and Egyptian goddess Isis have in common? Well, a lot actually. There is fascinating research on the similarities between the Mother of Jesus and the mythical Goddess. But for now, let's zero in on one thing...they were both VIRGINS. It's hard to say the word "virgin" aloud without immediately feeling by body curl up and an insecure tone come from my speech. That's because of what our society has done over the last few thousand years to take the power away from this word make it all things uncomfortable.

But did you know that the Greek origin of "Virgin" refers to a woman who is independent and of child-bearing age.

What matters most is that to be a virgin is to be completely unto oneself. That's right. A virgin is a badass bitch who doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks. She marches to the beat of her own drum, can take care of herself, and is fully empowered in her mind, her body, and her spirit.

This gives me a whole new life be born-again virgin! Hey - I want a piece of what Isis and dear MM had - undeniable connection to spirit, confidence, compassion, motherhood with grace, truth, and full-on SHE power sensuality. Yes, please. Gimme some of that. 

Okay, so now that we all want to reclaim our virginity - Let's explore some a slightly uncomfortable way to get more of what our mythical and biblical amigas had from above. You'll thank me later.

Kira Malone