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Hey Mama, you're listening to Therhappy for Mama, your resource for all things postpartum, well-being and rehabilitation. Whether you had a baby three weeks ago, or 30 years ago.

I'm your host, Natalie gray. Now, I've taught myself a lot over the last 16 years as a polities instructor and as a flower essence therapist, but these are the experts. I wish I'd known years ago, after spending two months on bed rest, having to C sections, and while raising my three daughters solo, sit back and relax. And enjoy a couple of mamas talk about why you need they're happy. 

Hey everyone. It's Natalie Gray, your host up TherHappy for Mamas. And we are back for another episode. Thank you for joining us.

Today I am joined by Kira Malone of Mama Manifest. Kira and I met recently. Well we connected online and then she came into my studio and we did a little work together and I found a curious work to be super important and unique in how she works with moms postpartum.

So Kira is a mentor, ______ wellness coach who believes all mothers can come to recognize their innate wisdom and thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually. And the process creates thriving families. Born into a lineage of warrior women and healers. Kira began reading countless books on holistic health and spirituality way before it was cool. And long before her life experience actually required them. She is now recovering or overdue her and former people pleaser who values the art of being and the public authenticity in order to create a life of purpose and passion, joy and abundance. 

That sounds amazing. Thank you. Let's hear more. Welcome. And thank you for joining me here.

Thanks for having me. I'm so excited to continue the conversation we started a few weeks ago and your studio and just joined together and continue bringing these messages to mothers as far as we can reach them.

Yes, absolutely. It's huge. I mean, even just in that little bit there on your bio, women thriving physically and emotionally and spiritually is important, it seems in all three ways and a lot of people don't see it as a - that we need to be healed in these ways. And all three ways you might have one or we might have. But these are just important and some we kind of “Don't go Oh wait, I need to check in again” as a mom now after this big transition, and how am I feeling in these three areas. So I'm excited for you to share how you explore that how you experienced it in your life and explored it and how you're offering it to women. So how about we start with just you can go ahead and use yourself and tell us about you and your family.

I am Kira Malone and Maternal Wellness Coach, I specialize in holistic energy modalities to help women thrive. And on the side of that, I am a mother of two young daughters, they're two and five. And my husband and I live in Santa Barbara County. I work online and locally hosting women's moon circles and supporting women primarily after the immediate postpartum period, which we'll get into that, but also to enhance fertility and help women move through energetic blocks that are keeping them from living the lives that they want. So my focus with motherhood came from my own journey and my own struggle becoming a new mother. And really the surprise that I had that I wasn't enjoying motherhood. I was so tired, so stressed out and as someone who was so used to really the the linear way of achievement, which is set a goal, work towards goal, equals achieve goal. And that had been my just kind of my motto my entire life, it worked really well for me, until motherhood, and I just crashed and burned so hard. I kept thinking, if I'm struggling this much, there has to be a spiritual meaning behind my struggle, this has to be connected to my divine purpose and how I can support perhaps other women. And so and that was after my first daughter was born, after my second daughter was born, I thought that I understood how to take care of myself. And I had to learn an entirely new definition of self care and what it meant to release, surrender and be present with myself and just allow myself to become who I'm supposed to be. And of course, that's a lifelong journey, I'm still on it. But that's how I got started in this work. And I had just kept thinking, there's got to be a way that I can turn my passion for spirituality for holistic health, for motherhood, and turn that into a way of supporting mothers. And now I'm doing it and it feels great. It's just so rewarding to work one on one with women to help them really feel good in motherhood and come into the sense of being and the sense of knowing that maybe they have had a little touch of that before but for most of us women, we've been we've been raised to be - to work hard and just do as much as possible. And we don't ____ and allow ourselves to sit back and allow and that's the feminine energy coming through the maternal energy. So I really had something I struggle with myself. It's a constant practice. And doing this work really keeps me in check with my own kind personal growth. And my own recovery of being a people pleaser and an overdue or it sneaks up all the time and it's like, Okay, well there it is again, let's rein it back in, let's bring those energies and balance. Let's get back to being authentic, let's be fearless and tap into our intuition because we have all the answers within us but when we're run ragged and while we can talk about that more later, but it just, it gets hard with modern life and the hustle and so much pressure that really society puts on the modern mother, especially in our culture, and then how that translates to the internal pressures we put on ourselves, keep us from really parenting our way enjoying our children enjoying our life. And yeah, I'm really passionate about helping mothers recover the sense of themselves and bring that to their parenting. So it's really, really where I found the fulfillment to be in my own journey of motherhood.

Yeah, Tell us how old your daughters are really fast.

Sure. So my oldest daughter just turned five, Hazel. And then my Magnolia just turned two. So two and five. 

Sweet. I love those names. So let's So what was your journey? And how did you go from? I'm a mom now. I'm this whatever-your-experience was, I'm having a hard time this is a spiritual issue. And I need to fix it. How What was that? What does that look like?

Yeah, that's a great question. And of course, there's many layers to this story. And they're still being created. But initially, my first born was, she was born via unplanned emergency. Well they call it emergency C Section when I unplanned. But we had a really traumatic birth and it set me up to be a really anxious Mother, it's just really so sad, it was having this grieving process over the birth that I was super passionate about having that I couldn't have. It brought about a lot of doubts about my body, and my ability to birth a baby naturally, which I had really wanted to do. And on top of that, I ended up having now after having a second child, I can see that my firstborn from the get go was incredibly sensitive. And she's been my strong willed, independent child and never slept, on and on, we go, lots of lots of push pull with her. And I just was at a loss. And I thought, well there's nothing I'm doing is really working. I'm reading all these parenting books. And I can't figure out how to get my child to sleep, she won't, it was just like nothing was working with my child. And I kept thinking, well nothing's working and I'm having such a hard time, I need to find a different way. And that's when I really kind of rediscovered spirituality. And in a sense I had always dabbled in it, but modern life and the Push Push Push of trying to get through college and be an NCAA Division One athlete and get out and start a career and all these things really took me away from that for a while. And my struggles with parenting brought me back. So I thought, ‘Okay well I'm back on my journey now. And then when we started trying for a second child, we actually suffered in between. I've had a miscarriage before I had Hazel but in between the two girls we had two more miscarriages. And there's of course Western medical philosophies and “reasoning of why you had a miscarriage but for me everything has always been spiritual”. And I have to go within and say, Why? Why am I not able to create? Why am I not able to sustain this life right now? What is the message here that I'm to learn. And I learned, yet once more, that I had a lot of stress and a lot of kind of unhealthy masculine energy in my body, the overdoing the push, push, push. And I had to again learn to tap into spirituality, which is really that feminine side of meditation and prayer and allowing to get myself into a place where I could conceive a child and carry a child and then later go on to manifest a very dreamy birth that we had. So that really was kind of the launching point for what I do now. And after I had my second child and an incredibly dreamy out of hospital midwife and doula supported birth, I still crashed and burned within just eight weeks of having her. I had to completely go back to the drawing board and really learn what it meant to heal. 

So what were the tools that you knew about all of this and how'd you get into because I'm thinking, moms we're so programmed to as a woman get whether it's get married or not, most of the time we get married, have your kids have the kid and then go into motherhood, don't take care of mom, just keep doing what you're doing. If you had a bad birth, traumatic birth? Well that's kind of just what comes with the territory and everything else that comes along with it and just keep checking along because you're a mother now. So what did that look like prior? I mean, you mentioned you had pretty good practices before motherhood and you just remembering them again after? Was that something you..... Yeah, so go into that, how that what that looks like.

So between having my two daughters and my spiritual practices and my self care practices, I was very consistent with meditating daily working on breath work. And then as soon as my oldest was old enough to go to be dropped off at her preschool, the age of two, I was able to start taking better care of myself again. So I'd really, I self admitted mommy martyr after my first child, where I just could not figure out how to take care of myself - on top of running a business and having a husband, my husband is a wine grape grower and his hours were insane. And so I just couldn't figure out how to take care of myself until my daughter went to preschool. And I would get these like precious few couple hours here there to work on my body. And for a while that looks like acupuncture to help me balance my energies after the miscarriages. And then when I got pregnant with Magnolia, I was like Okay, I'm going to take care of myself, I'm going doing my yoga, I'm going to go on walks in nature and all these things. And so I had kind of come to this term of like, 'oh I've got to take care of myself' And this is what I need to do as a mother and it feels really good. And then after Magnolia was born, that all went out the window I didn't have as I really didn't have any support. And outside of my husband and then our family lives far away so they could only be around so much to help out. And between the up all nights and the schlepping my other child to preschool, pick up back and forth, all this all these things, there was really no time to put into place the practices that I had before I had my second daughter. And I crashed hard. So I had to get to this point where I realized that I was pretty much a hot mess. And there was more going on than just being tired. And I was actually in the same location as your _____ studio at the ______ of birth center for my final postnatal appointment with a midwife and she just looked at me and was like 'You're a high a risk for postpartum depression'. And we need to take care of this right now. And I had explained to her that I was writing, Natalie, I was writing in a gratitude journal trying to pull myself out of it. I was like, positive affirmations, I was going to yoga, I was doing these things that I thought were self care, and I thought were supposed to lift me up. But what I learned now is that they were all energetically they were all the wrong things. One, I was incredibly depleted and two, I was driving my body into further depletion by going to hot yoga at 6 AM because that was the only time I could get there. And various things I hadn't taken the time to truly heal my body postpartum, and bring my body out of depletion into a state of being depleted from nutrients from rest, from all these things. So, it really took me hitting absolute rock bottom, I drove home from that appointment in with both my daughters in the car, it's an hour drive, I drove home in sobbing tears, I remember calling a friend of mine, calling my husband just sobbing, like they're saying that I have -- I probably haven't going to have postpartum depression. And I just, that was the moment for me where I just surrendered, because I was done with the fight. And I now had these two beautiful daughters that I couldn't, I wasn't fully present with, that I was having a hard time enjoying because I was just in such a -- this place. 

And previously, there's so many stigmas around, maternal mental health, postpartum depression and I think a lot of times we take those on and we think that means we're not a good mother, or we don't love our children. So I was fighting that stigma for the longest time. But after that specific day, I thought I can't. I've just got to go with these people I trust, I have to find a way to find a solution. And the hardest part was, once I surrender to it, I didn't really have any support to help me bring myself out of it. And that was really, really, really difficult trying to have the newborn, the preschooler, keep my life going, my business going and then kind of manage my own recovery to the place where I am now was incredibly challenging. But the first thing that I did was I called our we have a amazing functional medicine practitioner that we go to, and I just called her and I said 'I need to have an appointment' I know I'm at risk for postpartum depression and worried. And met up with her and we started with some blood work to try to see where the home hormones were, if there were any nutrient deficiencies, starting there. And cranial psychotherapy were those are really the biggest things, as well. Well the funny thing is, when I got our lab work back and I'm thinking there's going to be all these crazy imbalances and there were a few, but she just looked at me and she's like, 'the number one thing that I need to prescribe you is sleep.' And I'm like, a part of me is like "what sleep?' like seriously? After all this and you're just like, take these vitamins, get your fish oil and get some sleep. But sleep is everything. And I sometimes get frustrated because there's so many things that I intuitively knew that I needed in that postpartum time that I wasn't getting. And I got frustrated to that, it had to come down to like this near diagnosis, and later it became a diagnosis. But in order for me to recover or in order for like my family to get on board with what I was saying I needed. And since I'm that was another part of the journey too was realizing that sometimes we go through things because we need to be supported in other ways. And for my husband to hear from a midwife and from a nurse practitioner, that this is what your wife is going through and this is what she needs, right? Now she needs sleep, she needs to eat a lot of protein and fats, she needs you to take the baby at night, she needs you to help with these other tasks that she's been doing because she needs to recover. And so for me, I was kind of able to justify -- I did go through a period of anger where I was like kind of pissed him. Because I'm thinking, I've been telling you that I need to sleep and I need this time - I need time to myself. And now I find out we have these wonderful medical professionals saying this. So it gave me a little bit more confidence to go after what I intuitively knew I needed. But that's where I started and then from there, it just unfolded into really this beautiful journey. Now I have a program that I -- Me and Mama's through, I call it the postpartum rebirth program and it's a journey through the chakras for healing a mother in the postpartum period and help me her becoming into a mother. So starting at the foundations of sleep, nutrition and support, getting support, getting calling babysitters, figuring out how to get what your needs met, and having to think outside the box for that and also be willing to spend money to get the support that we needed, that was a huge energetic block for me. Yeah, it's hard. It's so hard living in California and seeing like every dollar you make go to a babysitter or childcare, but we have to and then how busy we are. And we don't have our tribe, we have to pay for it now. So there was a bit of a learning curve there and a lot of blocks to move through on my on my part to get to that place where I felt like I could hire support with my family. And yeah, starting there, and then moving into learning how to really ask for what what I needed, set energetic boundaries is huge, that really became the crux of myself _____ , what's taking my energy from me and what's giving energy to me and trying to make more decisions consciously based off of that what's giving me and what's depleting me. And starting there, and then coming in, the biggest thing for me too is rediscovering passions and giving me another purpose outside of motherhood or outside my pain work. So that's also another big thing, we might think, "Oh it's silly, I don't need to go to that class, or whatever it is". I'm really passionate about photography, but I don't have time, whatever it is, finding finding time for what you're passionate about. For me, it was rediscovering my love of track and field and I started training and competing again after a 15 year hiatus.

Yeah and that like, led me to just that was really, I mean, my friends and my husband will even say that was really your - that was really what made you whole again, was dipping back into that passion and going, I ended up getting to compete at Nationals. Last year, my daughter was 14, my baby was 14 months old, I was pumping breast milk on the floor of the bathroom before the mile and the decathlon it was and everybody thought it was hilarious. But I just I had to just get out there and do it, it wasn't about winning or anything. It's like let's just refuel this passion. Let's really live this life coming to the realization that you have this one life and it is what you make of it and yeah, having to move through different fears and anxieties and insecurities and just showing up is a big theme. 

So that's kind of the stance really, I felt like I babbled on forever. But yeah, the evolution of the journey and of course, it's continued on to there, I think the most amazing thing that comes out of all of that when you kind of set the energetic foundation begin to protect your boundaries come back into your purpose and identity. Just as a human being having this existence not necessarily your work or role and a family but and all of that led up to me having a stronger intuition for raising my kids. It's helped me a lot with my strong little daughter. And I got to the point where I threw out all my parenting books except like the super spiritual ones but like Wayne Dyer or somebody, Eckhart Tolle on parenting. But yeah, it's like, oh, I can do this like I am, I am authentically me. I don't with the experts are saying I am the expert, and just for my family, and just being being able to take have that. In the core of my being like, I know what's best for my kids, doesn't mean I'm not going to ask for advice here there and be a seeker of information and truth, because that's part of the path wrong but yeah, just coming into this knowing like I know what I'm doing, this is my family, my children chose me for a reason. This is part of my path, my purpose like I've got this. It's been a really beautiful, beautiful journey hard. But really hard and beautiful.

Well, there are two things that I was thinking when that stood out that you said is we don't have a tribe anymore, we have to pay for it, which is so true. 

We have to pay for our tribe.

So crazy. Our families aren't living right next door to us to support us and help us and we have girlfriends, that's great, who come in and help us most the time our girlfriends have kids. They're trying to wrangle and take care of two.

Yes, exactly. 

Being able to find your tribe. Whether it's a meeting once a week or I've interviewed a lot of people, a couple people on the podcast, who created apps because they needed that community, and it's now an app form. So when we can connect to her on the states and just answer questions about motherhood about what the babies, what's going on baby or whether they're having a tough time, and they just need to reach out to somebody. And then the other thing you said, and now, of course, I'm going to forget it, was it? 

But I know I said a lot. I feel like I babbled on for — No, it was good. It was all great. And I think you had a journey, you experienced this, and it's so. You have the... you had the.... I don't know what the word is the note , that..  I guess the intuition to go, 'okay, there's a reason this is happening, and I need to do something about it'. Which I feel like some of us forget in the thick of it. We just know, I don't feel good and I don't feel right and I'm so down or whatever it is. We don't go the next step to go 'okay what can I do to figure this out what I do to make myself happy again. And for you, deciding, I need to go to acupuncture, I need to call a friend or I need to get back into my running again, your decathlon. Is it decathlon?.

It's just it sounds simple, right? I mean, once we get to that point, it kind of sounds simple, but it's like, it's it is, in a way, it's a decision, like what do I need, is that's going to help me be the best person, be the best mom, be the best community member, be the best partner, wife or otherwise? And just be the best version of me. I think it's really... it sounds it so simple, but it's hard to make that one decision. And so, thing I wish I remembered what you had said, what the other one was, but it's just it's important to realize that and just keep taking those steps forward, wherever they are. And there might be a point in time where I mean, we all probably did this - where there was a point where we're like 'I just... this is fine for this moment, I'm fine being here for the second being like, I just can't move. But there will need to come a point where you have to make that decision and get going and take care of yourself.

Yeah, and it's hard because we don't give ourselves permission to do that and that's really what the key problem is. Most mothers, I know I'm going to say every mother I know has some passions, has an idea, has this intuitive knowing of what she wants to do but there's always some backstory that comes with that, which is like 'well, I just don't have time to take care of myself right now or I don't have time for that now', I'm not in a place where I can heal'. I actually hear that a lot and it breaks my heart because that is what needs to be healed, is that belief. Even I also, there's a bit of a grieving process where even for me now, the more that I learn about the importance of the immediate postpartum care that we don't normalize in our culture, the more than I learned about the depletion that occurs in the body and the energetic imbalances that occur in every single mother, after they have a baby, no matter how strong they are, no matter how solid their diet was. And every single mother is depleted after they have a baby and so many cultures have the systems in place to support the mother to becoming whole again, and we do not. And so from the get go, becoming mothers we're pushing, pushing, pushing, and we think 'well I don't need this, I don't need that I don't need support, I don't need to take care of myself, I've got this' until we don't, and we crash and burn. And so for me, the more I learn about that there's of this grieving of my own postpartum periods and not having that information or support at the time or for a lot of women having the information and then not being able to figure out how to get that support that you need. My friends and I joke, we pass there's this beautiful book called The First 40 days, I want to say it's a good _____ postpartum cookbook. Beautiful. And a lot of my friends and I were pregnant with our second at the same exact time, we were all do within three months of each other and that book was passed from person to person and no one ever utilized anything out of it, because we were like, cool, I have this book, and I'm overwhelmed with my other child and my newborn, and there's nobody care to cookie like beautiful meals for me. So it's like, there's kind of people are dipping their toe into how important that time period is but we're still as a culture, trying to figure out how to prioritize it, and how to give ourselves permission to pay for support, to pay for meal services, whatever it is that we need. It's just it's so important. I joke if I had a third, I would get postpartum right this time. Yeah.

Right. And yeah. I think that's huge at giving ourselves permission, and giving yourself permission to do those things to seek support is huge. I think we are under the impression that we can't do these things. But we can't spend the money on ourselves. And we can't prioritize these things, but has a lot to do with priorities, as many times as women might say. 'I don't have time. It just really matter, I'm not prioritizing it right now.'

Yeah. Well interesting enough that you mentioned that because the phrase "I don't have time" is actually correlated energetically with thyroid issues and most women after having children end up having at least, I think it's one out of five women within four years after their first child will be diagnosed with hypothyroidism. So energetically, those things are tied together. So often, I don't know if you can hear my dog barking - she's my old dog and she's mad that she can't get in to the space one second, sorry, for the shuffling will put her out of her misery, Luna? 

And, yes, so energetically, we have -- these words coming out of our mouths like "I don't, I don't have time or there's not enough time" and that is stemming from some beliefs, of course, but then this the physical location in your body and the thyroid and so a lot of women are so stressed out postpartum, that they're developing... well, they're stressed out before postpartum, they're stressed out before they even have babies. Then during pregnancy, further stress occurs on the body and then postpartum even further stress. And so that sets you up really well for the thyroid issues but yeah, I find it really interesting that that's the correlation is that the time piece. So a lot of times I work with women who, they have thyroid issues, they suspect they have thyroid issues, they might even have like 2 Cos, those go hand in hand a lot. But yeah, to we try to back up, we look at the physical ailments, and then we back up the energetic meaning and then that usually brings in the spirituality piece to help bring women and balance. But unfortunately, a lot of times the solution that a lot of women are getting from their doctors you mentioned, like women just not feeling good but not really knowing what the steps are to feel good. And a lot of times women are going to their general practitioner saying, I just don't feel good or I'm kind of blah and instead of getting a rundown on why they feel that way, what their imbalances are in their body, what their hormonal imbalances are, what their blanking on the word, the neurotransmitter imbalances, those are huge too. And we don't get this information so we're left feeling 'Why do I like why do I feel like crap, what's wrong with me', I like I had my baby and now like I get it, supposed to be hard the first few months, but I'm still super tired and I feel like crap, I don't feel like myself. And a lot of times you go into just a normal doctor and present them without you don't feel good and you're prescribed anti anxiety or anti depression medication instead of information of like how to bring your body back into balance. So that's another thing that I'm really passionate about is educating women on why they feel a certain way why they even hate their spouse after they have a baby. Has nothing to do with your spouse and has everything to do with pheromones and neurotransmitters but we don't have that information. And so it kind of shocks me that the more I learn how much is absent from educating families on what to expect and how to remedy and balances and what's normal and yeah, how to work through it.

Yeah. What is your work look like? So someone comes to you, Is it one on one? Is it a group work? Is it in person? Is it virtual? Given the breakdown of all?

Sure so most of the work that I do is one on one. I do host local events here, where we live in Santa Barbara County. But most of the work I do is one on one online, virtual. Usually it's a phone call. If I have local mamas that are interested in working with me, then if it works out for both of our schedules, I love to meet in person because there's just something about the power of looking someone in eye to eye and feeling their presence and having them be seen and heard and not just heard. So I do love working in person with people but yeah, I do a lot of one on one online. And it's interesting, I have a couple different programs, I have a program called More Energy Mama, which is kind of the fastest way to start working with me and that is a program that's designed to help us the mother and myself identify the top three ways that that mother can start re energizing herself right away postpartum. And when I say postpartum, I mean, anytime after you've had a child, we are forever postpartum. So a lot of the women that come to me that they've either had more than one child or their child is like toddler age, and they're going Why am I so exhausted? Why do I feel like crap, I need to figure this out, because this is working. And so that's usually kind of what I get. I also I think, though, I've worked with a woman whose youngest child was about seven and they having I'll send the mamas an assessment with the different pillars of the More Energy Mama. And for me, that's rebuilding sleep, functional nourishment, self care, which is my conscious movement, mindfulness and meditation, and then fostering community and support. For me, those are the four key pillars of creating sustainable energy. And it's the basis for the work that I do with mothers, whether it's just a one on one, one off with More Energy Mama, or if we're moving all the way through the postpartum rebirth that's the foundation, to get them on the right track. So we'll send them an assessment from there, we'll go over kind of what's where the energy leaks are and where there's some really simple ways to build energy back into the body and we'll have a phone call that's about 45-50 minutes long. And I'll give them mama her homework will agree on it, because I want to make sure that these are simple and effective strategies that the mom can can really effectively bring in her life, , it's not like, 'Okay I need you to fly here and do this treatment'. No, these are all things that you can do, from home on your own, to rebuild your energy. And then after a few weeks, we have a follow up call to see how that went and if we want to make any changes, if something was just too hard to implement, and we need to find a different way, then we'll go over that too and that goes from there. But a lot of times I get people just reaching out for their own, they have something that they want to work on. Mamas that are having trouble getting pregnant, and they want some energetic support for that. And I work with moms who want to go back to work and aren't sure how they're going to quote unquote, balance at all or what they even want to do what they're passionate about. So at the work just ebbs and flows, but with the postpartum reverse, that is really the deep dive into the journey of ____________ and just becoming a mother and embodying who you are, as a mother. That's my favorite way to work with women, because the process is just, it's so beautiful to see a mother kind of come to this place where she's like, 'okay, I want this to feel I want to enjoy motherhood more, I want to enjoy myself more, I want to be more authentic, I want to feel good, how do I get there and just going through the process of uncovering'. I have a plan in place but the transitions are always so natural, they unfold because the way we align and I actually base it off of the yoga, the chakra system, the seven chakra system, and so everything is just kind of aligns and rises up as the mother's healing and it's a really beautiful thing. So that's all one on one and yeah, customizable. Yeah. Every every mother's journey is is different and unique and we all have things that we we hold on to that we need to work through, or just even funny little beliefs that we took on when we were children that are now affecting how we parent and how much we enjoy. You know, motherhood? So, yeah there's a lot to it. And it's, it's fun.

Yeah, that's awesome. I love it. I love that it's available to online as well to anyone who's not on your area. So it's helpful and I think that and educating women more about the energy systems in the body is huge. And I tried to do that in my work, as well. And it's interesting how little we do know about our own bodies and the what goes on during the process of getting pregnant, being pregnant. And then after, baby and like you said, How depleted our body really is and we don't realize it, we don't realize how much the body just went through. And what needs to be re-nourished how much need to be re-nourished. So that's amazing. Okay, so before we go, and I will definitely have this information on the website. Before we go, are there any last thoughts or tips or tools that you want to share with the mamas?

Yeah, well Yes, a few. My last thought would be to share is just for all mothers to know that it is okay to be changed by motherhood. And any anxieties or frustrations or feelings of depletion or deprivation, all of those, every single thing that you're feeling emotionally, spiritually, physically is telling you something. And in my own journey, I felt like my soul was like, trapped inside my body and I couldn't figure out how to get it out. And that's what spurred me on my own postpartum motherhood journey healing. So really just just owning the fact that motherhood will change us, but it's changing us for the better. That is the journey of mature essence, becoming a mother and a beautiful journey and you don't have to do it alone. So seek out, find your tribe. It sounds funny, it's kind of cliche now, but it's true, we need support, call it a tribe, village girl gang, I don't care. Just find your people who lift you up and support you and if you have to pay for that, you've got to pay for it and it's worth it. 

Yeah, and then what was the other resources? Yeah, I have a really fun free gift on my website, And it's a two page infographic that is really the basis of how I educate women on the the energy cycles of the female body. We are energy mimics the moon phases in the seasons of the earth and so when we can tap into that ancient knowledge of understanding that there's going to be weeks out of every month where we feel vibrant and great and we can be more productive. And then there's a few weeks a month where we are naturally programmed to slow down and to rest to go within, then we can start designing our life by that instead of feeling great one week and then next week not and wondering what's wrong with me 'I was great last week, and now I'm exhausted. And so that's one of the basis of how I work with moms. And each moon phase is coupled with a female archetype. And yeah, a mantra, a crystal for that time period and just general tips for different the different moon phases and seasons. And it's designed to be a launching point to help women understand the cyclical nature of our female energy body. 

Beautiful, I love it. So that'll be on And we'll put a link on that too, with a blog associated with this interview.

Thank you so much Kira for joining us and for sharing your wisdom and your journey and all of it. Yes, it's important stuff, for sure. And so I'm grateful that you're putting it out there. Thank you.

So I'll have all of Oh, and before we go, besides the website, where else can we find you? Are you on social media?

I am most active on Instagram @mamamanifest. And I try to post weekly, biweekly, few times a week inspirations on there, but you can definitely find me on there and you can always send me an email. And if you'd like to connect, I love hearing from mamas, what works for them what they're passionate about. And yeah, it's fun to connect. That's why that's why we're in this work is to connect with other women lift each other up and really kind of break through some of those societal norms and conditioning together and really reclaim this motherhood experience. So reach out to me I love hearing from everybody.

Yeah. Great. Thank you. Thank you again care.

Thanks, Natalie.

All right, Mama. There's more that came from so go ahead and subscribe to this podcast. They're happy for Mama. Write a review if you're feeling so kind and by all means, share this with a mama friend who can use this information. You can also find me on Instagram at the polities mama or at therhappy studios. And for more resources, come on over to the website at

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