Mamas Mental Health Podcast



I’m Kira Malone, of Mama Manifest. Wise and thoughtful in the way I approaches life and motherhood and my personal healing path. I am a maternal wellness coach, and has so much to share in helping other mamas.

We covered a whole lot in this discussion.

  • The beginnings of my healing journey in motherhood and my big surrender moment that launched the work I do today

  • What prompted my Instagram post “all mothers are worthy of enjoying motherhood.”

  • What “postpartum” actually means

  • How I found the strength to lead myself thru a year long holistic healing from my personal rock bottom to really feeling good and embodied in my role as mother.

  • How physical depletion sets mamas up for maternal mental health concerns

  • Why I ditched caffeine and alcohol (temporarily)

  • How our culture promotes judgement between mothers (hint: we are all just trying hard to figure out what the heck is normal in a culture that doesn’t talk about things)

  • How I supports mothers in rebuilding their energy after babies and finding embodiment postpartum using functional nutrition, Ayurveda and energy healing


Diana Luable