Therhappy For Mamas


We learn in the doing and experiencing, right? People who’ve been through it are the best people to learn from. Join our conversation as I shares about my healing process and how I supports women now.

I am Kira, a Maternal Wellness coach who believes all mothers can come to recognize their innate wisdom and thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and in the process create thriving families. Born into a lineage of warrior women and healers, I began reading countless books on holistic health and spirituality way before it was cool and long before my life experience actually required them. I am now a recovering over doer and former people pleaser who values the art of being and the power of authenticity in order to create a life of purpose and passion, joy and abundance. I empowers new mothers to find their own unique flow in motherhood and flourish.

After a 15 year hiatus from my sport of track and field, I recently competed in the USA Track and Field Inaugural Women’s Decathlon National Championships, finishing 7th as the oldest competitor and only mother in this historic event. I am a former All-American athlete, coach, Tantra Flow Yoga instructor, women’s circle leader, winemaker, coffee grower, and forever student of life.


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