Postpartum Depletion is Likely


You seem to have a good outlook on life right now…
but are you REALLY taking the time to go from surviving to thriving?

Postpartum Depletion is a spectrum of symptoms and issues that affect a mother in all areas of her life after pregnancy and childbirth. This can manifest in nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disorders, sleep deprivation, brain fog, emotional sensitivities, increased anxiety, low libido, and more.

MamaManifest takes into account the functional aspect of Postpartum Depletion and adds a soulful twist to bust through limiting beliefs, build your intuition, find your innate mama powers to create the life you want to live.

Start putting your physical, emotional, and spiritual health at the top of your list. This is crucial to your wellbeing moving forward in motherhood.

There may be areas of your life to explore that can be reinvigorated in ways beyond your imagination. The universe is abundant, and you are the creator of your reality.

Yes, you are a new mama, but you cannot pour from an empty cup. Let’s see where you can carve out some time for real self-love and nourish YOU.

Mothers need mothering, and your baby needs you to feel like your vibrant self.

With a holistic approach to preventing postpartum depletion, you can create more time to be you, the whole YOU.

What do you really want? What does your soul crave?

With new ways to manage your to-do lists, promote healthy mood and cultivate creativity and purpose, you'll be well on your way navigating motherhood with energy, peace and balance…for the long haul.