It is hard to equate Kira’s love, truth and guidance into a few sentences for anyone [who doesn’t know her] to understand. Her wisdom, compassion, transparency and grace have supported me in illuminating my unique light, my truth as a woman and as a mother. She has guided me to find confidence and peace in my own healing journey.
— Ash, Mother of 2 (ages 12 and 5)
Kira and I met earning the same degree in college. Nine years later the universe reconnected us on a mama to mama level. She showed up and supported me when I was in need and I am forever grateful. We have spoken about motherhood on in a way I haven’t experienced before. Kira has helped me understand the postpartum time and the steps to find balance as a working mother. Her experience and passion to help mamas makes her a great mentor for all of us.
— Erin, Mother of 1 (20 months)
Kira helps me navigate being a mom and a whole person simultaneously. Sometimes we need hormonal, emotional, and physical support beyond those few precious months after childbirth. [Kira] just explained self-care to me in a way I needed to hear.
— Rach, Mother of 2 (ages 4 and 2)
[Kira] is my hero because she helped me not be afraid of doing hurdles.
— Dani, youth athlete (age 12)